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NBC’s Technical Training Centre: Deepening Nigeria’s talent pool


Electronic Engineering graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, had a dream of working in an organization that would provide him the platform to practise what he studied in the University.

His joy knew no bounds when he was eventually hired by the Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd, NBC, the non-alcoholic beverage giant, as one of the Graduate Trainees in 2013. He was further overwhelmed with joy when he assumed duty and was placed on 15 months training at the Company’s Technical Training Centre, TTC, Ikeja.

Nnanna is just one of the hundreds of beneficiaries of NBC’s capability development initiative. Indeed, capacity building and talent development should be a major focus of any organization that wants to run a sustainable business. This is true to the extent that enhanced employee capacity has a direct link with productivity and national economic growth. Organisations vote sizeable part of their annual budget to the continuous training and retraining of their workforce because of its direct impact in shaping the organisations, their operating environments and ultimately, their consumers.

NBC, a company incorporated in Nigeria in 1961 and a major driver of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Group, has over the years proven to be one of the few companies that are genuinely committed to the Nigerian economy and manpower development. With a clear definition of purpose and strategic mandate to help sustain the operation of a viable business entity, which in turn ensures sustained economic growth on a larger scale, NBC in 1996 set up the TTC.

Among others, the objectives of the Centre include: consistent provision of a pool of resourceful and competent engineers and technicians conversant with the highly demanding technology and operating environment in the beverage industry; continuous provision of high technical and leadership competencies training to young Nigerians; and commitment to stimulation of performance, improved productivity as well as value-added production capacity that engender economic growth.

Over 18 years down the line, the TTC has gained the reputation as a platform for provision of technical manpower for Nigeria’s industrial sector by ensuring an open-door policy that avails young people who meet certain criteria into the institute the opportunity to acquire technical training. Products of the Centre are known to demonstrate high technical and leadership competencies which earn them accelerated career progression within the organization.

March 13, 2015 |

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