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Let’s reform education, economy will develop—Kasumu


Alaba-KasumuThe hope of an average investor is returns after investment. This is not so with the dream of Mrs. Alaba Kasumu, Proprietress of Brownsville College, Ikoyi. Her vision is to promote development in Nigerian system through quality training, learning and grooming of our children who will take over leadership tomorrow. Excerpts:
The country today is in need of science and technology to grow the economy. What is Brownsville going to do academically to contribute to this national demand?

Economic growth and development starts from a good structure of education. That is why western economies and developed nations invest much on education because that is the key. With this in mind, we are preparing leaders of tomorrow that will tackle the challenge of science and technology in Nigeria. It is difficult to develop a nation without science and technology.

Therefore, we are going to ensure each student is individualized in their study of science with our state of arts facilities for sciences. That means each student will be properly groomed from Year 7.
Basically, if the root is strong the branches will flourish. If these young children coming from primary school to high school are properly monitored and given the right tools of education, I mean individually monitored and given special attention according to each child capability, and not just pushing them to the next class, then each of them will soar to their respective potential/goal.
And when they get to higher institutions, they would soar like eagles. Technology is everywhere. You just have to get the best out of it.
What did you have in mind when setting up Brownsville?
It has been a long-time dream. Now that I am fulfilled in my other aspect of life and have achieved my dreams of entrepreneurship, I think it is time for me to give back to my country and share my experience in life- if you’re focused and determined you can actually achieve it all. That is why our operation will be different slightly.
Developing Nigeria through academic process, what should we do now that quality of education is reducing in the country?
Like I said we have to catch them young, right from primary school. We have to change the idea of “you are on your own”. Each of us has a responsibility to our children. Don’t rely on teachers only; parents too have to play a part. Make sure your children do their homework; reduce the time they spend watching TV, playing games and use of phones because they distract them. Any way parents must help. School teachers and administrator should focus more on academics than some of them presently do to help our children.
What is the criteria of admission?
We are targeting our prospective students from Primary schools all over the country and even beyond the shores of Nigeria. Brownsville College runs a British/Nigerian curriculum and admits students who pass our entrance examination with English, Mathematics and Sciences at 75 percent cut off mark. There will be an interview for both parents before the letter of admission is given to the student.
Furthermore, there is a scholarship instituted for the best students by the chairman who believes that money should not be a barrier for any bright student to have access to good education.
Why did you venture into academics?
Like I said, I have always wanted to give back to my community and country; that is why I am doing this. I have my own visions and ideas for education. Brownsville is going to be a platform for me to achieve these goals

May 13, 2015 |

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