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Mobile Application Development

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Mobile Application Development


This course introduces you to the design and implementation of Android applications for mobile devices. You will develop an app from scratch, assuming a basic knowledge of Java, and learn how to set up Android Studio, work with various Activities and create simple user interfaces to make your apps run smoothly. Learn about mobile application development, market opportunities, and technical requirements for Apple (iOS), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Mobile 8). Course focuses on installing, developing, testing, and distributing mobile applications. Develop practical experience within all three platforms and implement a sample application in a platform of choice. Challenges including limited screen sizes, memory issues, and the variety of phones will also be discussed. Compare and contrast products designed by major vendors using a hands-on approach.

Prerequisites: None-Corequisites: None This course introduces students to programming technologies, design, and development related to mobile applications. Topics include accessing device capabilities, industry standards, operating systems, and programming for mobile applications using an OS Software Development Kit (SDK). Upon completion, students should be able to create basic applications for mobile devices.

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Outline logical actions needed to convert an idea to a fully functioning mobile application.
  2. Break logical actions into primitive, programmable steps.

iii. Implement primitive, programmable steps using web-based graphical user interface builder and drag-and-drop coding techniques.

  1. Verify, debug, and deploy mobile applications.



  1. Introduction to Programming and App Inventor
  2. What is a Computer Program?
  3. Introducing App Inventor.
  4. Getting Hands-On with App Inventor.
  5. Working with Media
  6. Displaying Images
  7. Duplicating Blocks and Using Dropdowns
  8. Sounds
  9. Color Blocks
  10. Layout Components
  11. Commenting Blocks

III. Input, Variables, and Calculations

  1. The Textbox Component
  2. Performing Calculations
  3. Storing Data with Variables
  4. Creating Blocks with Typeblocking
  5. The Slider Component
  6. Math Functions
  7. Decision Blocks and Boolean Logic
  8. Introduction to Decision Blocks
  9. Relational Operators and if Block
  10. The if then else Block
  11. A First Look at Comparing Strings
  12. Logical Operators
  13. Nested Decision Blocks
  14. The if then else if Block
  15. Working with Random Numbers
  16. The Screen’s Initialize Event
  17. The List Picker Component
  18. The CheckBox Component.
  19. Repetition Blocks, Times, and Dates
  20. The Notifier Component
  21. The while Loop
  22. The for each Loop
  23. The Clock Component
  24. The Date Picker Component
  25. Procedures and Functions
  26. Modularizing Your Code with Procedures
  27. Procedures
  28. Passing Arguments to Procedures
  29. Returning Values from Procedures

VII. Lists

  1. Creating Lists
  2. Iterating Over a List with for each Loop
  3. Selecting and Item
  4. Inserting and Appending Items
  5. Removing Items
  6. Replacing Items
  7. Searching for an Item
  8. Other List Functions

VIII. Storing Data on the Device

  1. App Inventor Storage Components
  2. The Application Sandbox
  3. File Components
  4. Retrieving a File
  5. Tiny DB
  6. Tag-Value Pairs
  7. Storing a Tag-Value Pair
  8. Retrieving a Value
  9. Tag-Value Pairs when the Value is a List
  10. Tiny DB across Multiple Screens
  11. Graphics and Animation
  12. The Canvas Component
  13. The Ball and Image Sprite Component
  14. Using the Clock Component to Create Animations
  15. Dragging Sprites
  16. Detecting Collisions
  17. Working with Text
  18. Concatenating Strings
  19. Comparing Strings
  20. Trimming a String
  21. Converting Case
  22. Finding a Substring
  23. Replacing a Substring
  24. Extracting a Substring
  25. Splitting a Substring
  26. Text to Speech and Text Messaging
  27. Text to Speech
  28. The Texting Component
  29. Receiving Text Messages
  30. Sending Text Messages

XII. Sensors

  1. The Location Sensor
  2. The Orientation Sensor
  3. The Accelerometer
  4. Using the Activity Starter Component to Launch Google Maps

XIII. Other App Inventor Capabilities

  1. Recording Audio
  2. Taking a Photo with the Phone’s Camera
  3. The Camcorder Component
  4. Playing Video
  5. Selecting Contacts from the Contact List and Placing Phone Calls
  6. Scanning a Barcode
  7. Using Voice Recognition
  8. Connecting to a Twitter Account
  9. Tiny WebDB.


Month Weekdays Weekends
May 8 – 12 6, 7, 13, 14
August 14 -18 19, 20, 26 & 27
November 13 – 17 4, 5, 11, 12
February 12 – 16 10, 11, 17 & 18



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