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Lagos Weekend Classes on 14th & 15th of July

Employees are not told what to do anymore. Now, you need to engage your team and assist them in reaching their goals. You do not direct; you win the team over to your point of view. You do not dictate; you inspire and empower! You can learn how to effectively engage your team by focusing on your leadership team development.
This Leadership Training course provides people in leadership positions with the insight, awareness and techniques to lead more effectively influence others and become an inspirational role model.

This Leadership and Influencing Skills Training Program will teach you that effective leadership starts with a thorough understanding and congruence of the value systems of all parties.

This course provides the basis for understanding what leadership is and what leaders do to be successful.
At Sijison Training, Our training session is delivered by certified and highly experienced trainers. Our class is always interactive and based on practical experience. Our training covers all the areas you need to be a successful Personnel and provides an invaluable base upon which to build
Day 1

The Evolution of Leadership
• Defining Leadership
• A brief History of Leadership
• The Theory of the Great One
• The Trait Theory

Leadership –Role, Skills and Styles
• Definition and the Leadership Grid
• Collaborative leadership
• Transitional leadership
• Visionary leadership
• Situational leadership

Leadership and Communication
• Basics of effective Communication
• Barriers to communications
• Verbal & nonverbal communication
• The art of listening
• Conducting effective meetings

Leadership and Problem-Solving
• Problem solving steps
• Identifying the problem
• Techniques for developing alternatives
• Getting consensus
• The leader as a problem solver

Leadership and Management
• Authority Vs. Responsibility
• Delegation and Acceptance
• Roles and relationships
• The manager as a leader
• Being a leader: Bridging the gap

Leadership and Coaching
• The coaching cycle
• Pre-requisites for coaching & mentoring
• Coaching for performance
• The Leader’s role in coaching
• Managing people issues
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