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Emprowess to Facilitate Empowerment through Human Capital Training

Emprowess to Facilitate Empowerment through Human Capital Training



 By Daniel Ekugo

Life Skills Consultants Africa, a spinoff of Telenoetica Limited Africa, an intellectual property-based strategic consultancy and Training firm providing strong facilitation skills, tested strategic frameworks, and implementation skills to deliver industry-specific strategy consulting services across all areas of business has launched Emprowess to facilitate Empowerment of Human Capital through skill development.

The firm, which has adopted a novel approach to business transformation consulting, assist in the construction of Business Strategy and help in the execution of the same. Emprowess Business Transformation solutions address persistent business issues like non-optimum working capital, high inventory, reducing margins and stagnant topline. These solutions which are easily implementable and compatible with the existing business model help an organization to scale up.

According to Sanjay Srivastava, Business Head, Africa, Life Skills Consultants Africa,  ““Emprowess” is a bouquet of service offerings, focused towards operational excellence and managerial capability development,  providing  specialized trainings and consulting offerings aimed at facilitating an organization to achieve its business aspirations including profitability, efficiencies, talent acquisition, development and retention.”

“As well as ensuring graduates and apprentice-level applicants get the appropriate training to support business and career, it hopes to offer opportunities to a diverse range of hopefuls. Candidates are taken on throughout the year, and are given the opportunity to focus on skills they are most interested in, with programmes developed to suit them. As well as work experience, the apprentices will gain recognised qualifications in corporate skills and technical skills through the Microsoft Excel programme.”

“We’re looking for talented people from a range of backgrounds and skillsets to be trained. We want bright, ambitious people with the desire and potential to develop a successful career,” said Sanjay

Training candidates to match the skills shortage across the country will help to “future-proof” as well as provide the skills needed for their business. The scheme provides applicants with training through different environments and techniques, including work experience at the firm, lessons both in a classroom and through the online Dynamics Learning Portal, as well as mentoring, and the firm is working closely with Microsoft to ensure the training provided is mixed.

“Being part of a growing company like Emprowess is the perfect way to start your career. With a clear, focused training scheme and getting valuable work experience along the way. It’s a great way to get established in a job that has real long-term opportunities,” Sanjay

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self image


Self-improvement can be defined as the improvement of one’s status, knowledge, or character by one’s own efforts. It can also be said to be the quest to make ourselves more enhanced in every aspect of life.

There are a set number of hours and minutes each day, and you cannot change that. But, you can change how you use those hours and minutes. You have control, so use it. If you want or need to make changes in your life, you can. But an effort must be made.

Education is another way of improving one’s life. When it comes to education, there is no particular age in life to acquire as many educational qualifications as you wish to have, Self-improvement does not have any limit as long as the individuals involved are ready to make that bold steps to improve their lives.  So if studying and learning new things in everyday of our lives does not have bindery, why can’t we use every opportunity we have to embrace making more research, get new skills and acquire more qualifications. Academic scholars said that when we study every day, we tend to unfold new packages of knowledge that we never knew existed.

But in order for things to change in your life, in order to get where you want to be, you have to grow into the person who is ready for that change. Personal development is vital to your success. To start your life improvement steps, there are some essential things that must be done before making a bold step.

  • Learn something new
  • Conquer fear
  • Gain perspective
  • Get real
  • Become more self-aware
  • Stay informed
  • Get lost in a good book.

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Aggressive image

Business strategies can be characterised in so many ways. One of the most common approaches is to estimate the nature of strategies based on their degree of aggressiveness. Aggressiveness strategies are measured according to their risk propensity, marketing assertiveness, and speed of decision making, financial leverage and production innovation. In most case the range of aggressiveness strategies is categorized into four groups: Reactor, defender, analyzer and prospector.


Prospector strategy

Prospective Strategy is the top aggressive of the four strategies. It usually involves active platforms to prompt new opportunities and increase into new market. New product development is effortlessly pursued and offensive marketing warfare strategies are typical way of acquiring more market share. They reply swiftly to any signs of market opportunity, and do with little analysis or research.

An enormous proportion of their revenue comes from new market or new products. They are often highly leveraged, sometimes with a substantial equity position held by venture capitalists. There is a high risk of market rejection and product failure. There market domain is regularly in flux as new opportunities arise and past product offering atrophy.

Been the first in an industry has always been their goals, thinking that they are first mover advantage will offer them with premium pricing opportunities and high margins. Skimming price is another common way of recapturing the cost of development. Thy can be opportunistic in headhunting key employees, both technical and managerial. Sales promotions, advertising , and personal selling costs are a high percentage of sales.

Typically the firm will be structured with each strategic business unit having substantial sovereignty. The business that they function in tends to be in the introduction or growth stage of its life cycle, with few entrants and evolving technology.



Defender strategy

Defender strategy involves a decision not to aggressively pursue markets. As a result, they choose not to do the things prospectors do. A defender strategy requires maintaining a secure and relatively stable market and finding. Instead of being on the cutting edge of technological innovation, market dynamics and product development. A defender always tries to cover themselves from changes whatever possible.


The Analyzer is in between the prospector and defender. They take less mistakes and less risk than the prospector, however, they are less committed to steadiness than defenders. 85% to 90% of firms are analyzers. Analyzer’s are rarely first movers into an industry, but they are regularly in a second or third place entrants.


A reactor has no strategy, often reacting to events as they occur. They only respond when they are forced to by macro environmental pressures. This is the least effective of the four strategies. It is without focus or guidelines








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businessman in office looking at wall with business strategy


The meaning of business strategy is a long plan of action designed to attain a specific objective or set of goals. The strategy is management’s game plan for improving the performance of the enterprise. It, however, states how important it is for every business to be conducted in a certain way in other to achieve their long expected goals.

business Strategy Development- Nigeria Training Network

There are so many reasons why businesses need to strategically position themselves, be it corporate entity or individual. Having a vantage point over the opposition and knowing when to make the right move is what counts in every business.

Enrolling in this course will help you to have a better understanding of strategy and how you can use it to better your business and bring back the lost glory.


Strategic Management: An overview

* Introduction to Strategic Management

*Sustainable competitive advantage

* The strategic management process

*Strategic management functions and benefits


Strategy Formulation

* Strategic Intent

* Financial and strategic objectives

* Defining the company’s Mission, Vision, Values, (MVV)

* Defining the company’s Goals & Objectives

* Policies


Techniques of Organizational Appraisal

* Strategic Advantage framework

* Core Competencies

* Organisational capability and strategic advantage

* VRIO framework

* Value Chain Analysis

* Quantitative analysis, balanced scorecard and Key factor rating


Scanning the External Environment and Industry Analysis

* Marketing environment

* PESTEL Analysis

* Porters 5 force

* SWOT Analysis

Formulating long-term objectives and grand strategies

* Porters generic business strategy (Cost, Differentiation and Focused strategies)

* Corporate Strategies – Grand Strategies

* Tactics

Strategic analysis and choice

* Evaluating and choosing business strategies

* Seeking sustained competitive advantage

Strategy Implementation: Some approach

* Through short-term objectives,

* Functional Tactics Reward system, and Employee empowerment

* Mckinsey’s 7s Framework: 7s-Strategy, 7s-structure and system, 7s-soft elements, Marketing Warfare

* Mintzberg’s 5P’s: Plan and ploy; Pattern, position, perspective

Implementing Strategy: Structure, Leadership and Culture

* Embracing change

* Structuring an effective organization

*Corporate Culture and Leadership

Strategic Control and Continuous Improvement

* Establishing Strategic Control

*The quality imperative: Continuous improvement to build customer value

*Operational control systems









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